About me

Hi there, my name is Sam Mason and I’m a Data Scientist currently based in Sydney Australia.

I’ve been in IT for 20 years now and have slew of industry certifications (most of which are for technologies that don’t even exist anymore) and a couple of university degrees (standard stuff – computer science, machine learning etc).

samHere’s a photo of me looking like I’m thinking deep complex statistical thoughts while starting off into the troubled distance (actually I was on a houseboat and had just realised I actually didn’t know how to refill the outboard motors that had suddenly gone very quiet…).

I’ve written a lot, some of which was once even considered good enough to get paid for (no-one was more surprised than me…), done some presentations, some public speaking and just generally mouthed off about IT and data science whenever anyone stays still long enough to listen.

There’s other stuff I’ve done but if you really want that head on over to my profile on LinkedIn.

Because this blog isn’t really about me, it’s a place to tell stories. And when I do, they get sent to Twitter as well @dschronycles – if you want to know about it as it happens…!